Property Management Testimonials

"Until recently I have been the tenant of a property managed by Sandra Reynolds of First National Browns Plains. During the term of my lease she was competent, professional, and pleasant, as was the entire staff in her office. In fact I still remember the day, just over two years ago, when I first inspected the property - the manner in which Sandra and her associate Coco treated me at the time was a major factor in my decision to sign that lease. Best rental management experience I have had. Having met the owner, I know that this opinion was shared by her as well." - Jules, Tenant

"I have had Sandra Reynolds as my property manager for many years and find it comforting to know that I have someone that displays a high level of expertise and professionalism in her work and that retains a comprehensive knowledge of the real estate business in managing my two rental properties. I know that if a problem arises that I have the best person looking after my properties which alleviates any worries I may have and also that our interactions remain pleasant, informative and positive." - Donna, Owner

"Jeni Tebb is the Property Manager for First National Real Estate. Very professional. Well mannered in her approach with her clients. Very fair. Supportive and at the same time quick to resolve any issues in a positive outcome for Real Estate as well as client and landlord. No 1 personality in treating everyone with respect. Very cheerful and amazing person to speak to. Feel so happy after talking to Jeni. Resolves any issues in a calm professional manner." - Mary, Owner

"Our experience with First National Browns Plains has been nothing short of wonderful as you, first time renters. All staff are very accommodating and professional but more importantly kind and friendly. Our property manager Jeni has been very kind and helpful to us. Very much above 5 stars." - Abbey, Tenant

" I needed a house about 4 yrs ago and Sandra Reynolds was nice enough to help me find a house for me and my 2 young kids. I have stayed with them until recently when we bought house. They are very professional and always helpful when there is a problem. Never had any issues." - Sabrina, Tenant

"Extremely helpful and more than willing to help in any way to make renting a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Sandra and the team at first National to anyone looking for a great realestate who do what they can to make you feel comfortable and they are extremely approachable and reasonable in any situation." - Rebecca, Tenant

"With Jeni looking after my property, I have felt supported, understood and responded to whenever I had concerns. I'm really happy with how they are managing my property." - Owner

"Jeni, I am very grateful for your role as my Real Estate Agent, I have found you are always warm, friendly and helpful. I hope I can keep you as a positive reference for my future rental applications, too." - Annie, Tenant

"Thank you Jeni for making the vacate process a easy one for my mother appreciate your patience and understanding." - Lisi, Tenant

"These people are REAL people. I would recommend their staff for their commitment to doing all they can to help you, no matter how big or small your task or enquiry is. It's highly unlikely you're going to find another Real Estate with their intent and heart in the right place. Admittedly, I've only dealt with the Front Office ladies. But, on an association of around 4 years or so, that has never changed. Well Done!" - Sanderson, Owner

"Thanks again Sandra for all your service and professionalism. You're a great property manager. I hope the future holds much success for you." - Markeeta, Owner

"I’ll take this opportunity also to say thank you for being our property managers.  We have always felt reassured and in good hands.  Thanks to everyone there." - Lisa, Owner

"Thanks Robyn! You have honestly been the most friendliest and professional Real Estate to deal with. It feels so strange having a real estate and owner who get on top of things so quickly! We haven't had this before and appreciate the effort you have both gone to." - Kayla, Tenant

"I've had dealings with most of the property managers here, all absolutely fabulous and so passionate about property. The business owners clearly run an amazing business and would recommend to anyone looking for agents around Logan." - Jackie, Owner

"Hi Robyn, just want to let you know Joe and I have appreciated everything you have done to make this transition as smooth as possible and I will never forget our home or the fantastic job you guys done working with us to make this last almost four years great. Thank you and First National I will never forget you and if I ever come back we will come to you for our next home." - Jules, Tenant

"Sandra Reynolds has been my property manager for 2 and a half years. She has always been professional, helpful and being such a lovely person, is always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you to Sandra for your with help everything during my tenancy!" - Janyce, Tenant

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