Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Kids Helpline

We are very proud to have a Corporate Partnership with Kids Helpline where we will work together to raise awareness and funds across the country.

Foundation chairman, David Lovell said "First National Real Estate is proud to help children and young people access the confidential guidance and support they need to cope with problems like mental health, bullying, depression, homelessness- any issue they are dealing with. The service aligns perfectly with First National’s 'we put you first' philosophy, because it puts the families that live in our members’ communities first."


Reycling Office Supplies

At the beggining of 2021, our office made a decision to start engaging in more environmentally sustainable practises. As a team we are doing our part to reduce our waste and carbon footprint by recycling office supplies that would usually be sent to landfill. Landfill sites produce harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses, and recycling seeks to minimise those by taking certain types of waste and repurposing them. We collect broken or empty office supples and once a month we return them to Officeworks for recycling through their program. Items that Officeworks will recycle include;

  • Ink and toner cartridges
  • Mobile phones and accessories (cables, batteries, cases and phones)
  • Computers and accessories (laptops, keyboards, cables and mice)
  • Data storage (CDs, hard drives and USBs)
  • Pens and markers

For more information about the recycling program through Officeworks, check out their website.


Reycling Coffee Cups

We love our coffee and unfortunately we don't always have the time to make it ourselves in the office. During the pandemic, our beloved local coffee shop understandably couldn't accept our keep cups and we've been going through lots of disposable cups. Around one billion disposable coffee cups end up in Australian landfill every year. In landfill, the cardboard fibre of the cup releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas. To reduce our environmental impact, we've started collecting our cups throughout the week and on Fridays we take them to be recycled at our local Planet Ark Recycling station.

For more information on how to safely and responsively dispose of your coffee cups, visit the Planet Ark website.