6 Hacks for Designing the Kitchen

Wednesday 30 Jun 2021

Minimalist kitchens don't have to be fussy; the point is to make it streamlined and functional. Whether you're looking to rip it out and start again or make some practical tweaks, here are some modern kitchen design tips for reclaiming your space.

1. Revise the layout and find a flow that makes it easy to fix yourself a cup of tea, put the groceries away, and make dinner. The space at your disposal will usually determine the best kitchen design and layout, but there are tricks to maximise workspace and storage, such as ceiling height cabinetry, islands (with drawers) for extra bench space and a walk-in pantry for extra storage and less bench-top clutter. Call in professionals for this stage.

2. Are you up-to-date on the latest in kitchen taps? Think about it: kettles, soda streams and filter jugs take up precious space in the kitchen. Save on space and update your kitchen taps by installing a Zip HydroTap. That way, you can streamline your kitchen design without compromising on luxury.

3. Double your kitchen storage by adding cupboards up to the ceiling, you can practically double your storage in one go. If you want extra room for preparation, storage and cleaning up, consider a 'kitchen within a kitchen' – yes, it's a luxury, but have you ever heard of a person who regrets installing a butler's kitchen?

4. Re-set your storage spaces to ensure everything has a home. If there's a particular item that is always a nuisance to put away, give it a permanent space on the kitchen bench. Hide away the things you use least often and place the everyday essentials where they're easy to reach. Drawer organisers will be your best friend.

5. Rethink your colour palette with a fresh coat of paint. A solid colour palette in neutral tones makes a room look larger and brighter, and in turn, less cluttered. Painting instead of renovating means you can follow trends easily and change your space on a whim.

6. Analyse your light sources when renovating, be generous with your windows and consider new light fittings. An artfully designed pendant light can work as a statement object in a minimalist kitchen while taking up zero floor, wall or bench space. Opt for an eye-catching shape or a colour that is in contrast to the rest of your palette.

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