Property Inspections

Monday 11 Jan 2021

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. While you can inspect a property, you cannot take a 'test drive,' but luckily you can get someone to do it for you. A qualified building inspector will critically examine the structural integrity of the property, provide a full written report, and help ensure there are no nasty surprises.

Building and Pest Inspections are essential pre-purchase reports conducted after you sign a contract and before the settlement of a property. They alert you to any faults in the property or issues of concern. This report will allow you to negotiate with vendors on price, make a budget for repairs, or even assist with the final decision about whether you want to proceed with the purchase.

A building inspection will assess the accessible areas of the property both inside and out, including roof space and under floor. Pest inspections detect termites and other destructive pests that may be present but have not yet done visible damage.

In the case of an auction, inspections must be carried out before auction day, as once the hammer falls you are committed to the purchase, irregardless of any issues you may find later on. In the case of private sale, you have more leeway and can make offers and enter into a contract with the compulsory cooling off period, in which inspections are carried out.

At First National, our sales team are experts in their industry and can confidently offer afvice for any concerns you have.