Location, Location, Location

Monday 26 Feb 2018

It’s one of the prime rules in searching for a new home or an investment property in real estate; identical homes vary in value and rental return depending on better location. Let’s not get carried away about the obvious, like spectacular views, beachside or parkland location. Let’s stick to common sense issues of what’s desirable.

Economically stable suburbs that have stood the test of time and been through the ups and downs of life are more likely to attract buyers who want to maintain value in their homes or tenants who care for a house and want convenience. From either the selling or leasing point of view, financial gain is more likely.

In many suburbs, you will find homes that are located within walking distance of schools, child care, movie theatres, restaurants and shopping centres and so are more favoured than those located further away. It’s so convenient to be able to walk to necessary facilities on a nice day, and parking can be expensive these days.

Good public transport, nearby health care and nearby jobs enhance popularity and location. Most people do not want to endure long commutes to work, the doctor's office nor the railway station. They prefer to be located close to emergency services and conveniences, so naturally homes in locations that shorten travel time are more desirable.

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