Location, Location, Location

Monday 26 Feb 2018

It is one of the prime rules in real estate; identical homes vary in value and rental return depending on the location. When we think of dream locations, a lot of us immediately imagine spectacular views, beachy towns or bushlands. There are far more affordable, realistic and urban locations that are just as desirable.

Economically stable suburbs that have stood the test of time are more likely to attract buyers who want to maintain value in their homes. These areas are also more appealing for tenants seeking comfortability and convenience. From either a home owner or investor point of view, these affordable suburbs are likely to be more financially smart.

In many of these urban areas, you will find homes that are located within walking distance of schools, child care, movie theatres, restaurants and shopping centres. These suburbs tend to be more favourable than beach town and bushland locations that are further away.

Modern families value being able to walk to necessary facilities, public transporation and entertainment, without worrying about the expenses of parking or fuel for lengthy drives. Naturally, homes in locations that shorten travel time are more desirable.

Over the last decade, Logan has become one of these desirable locations. Between the convenience of the location, and the affordability of property, Logan is a city that will only continue to grow.

First National Browns Plains are experts in this wonderful city and can help you find your perfect home.