Going Green - Feeling Better

Wednesday 24 Jun 2020

Of course, people go green for different reasons; for some it’s allergies in the family, or abiding belief in environmental protection and for some it’s just fashionable. So how do we go about this? Here are some tips:

Re-cycling. Follow Council’s guidelines. Get organized at the home with different bins that are easily accessed. Compost garden waste for reuse as fertilizer or mulch. Recycle grey water or run-off into water-tanks for garden use. The garden will look great

Decorating. Use paint that has no, or low, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). All paints are labelled or rated in this regard. If you plan on re-sealing sealing wood floors, latex has no pollution factor to worry about. Use fabrics that are user friendly, non-allergenic and dirt resistant.

Appliances. Many appliances help you go green. Washing machines and dish washers offer less water cycles, as do bathroom facilities. All of these options will give you cheaper bills to pay. When choosing a new stove or other kitchen appliance, look for the Energy Star rating, and stainless steel looks will bring your kitchen up to the minute!

Power. From simple water heating to exotic power generation, solar panels and storage batteries are the way to go.

Switching on a green frame of mind can sometimes have a gradual escalation. Soon you may find yourself buying environment friendly soap powders and cleaners and then you can feel even more virtuous!