Selling Your Home - Don't Be A Victim

Wednesday 06 Jun 2018

It's important to be realistic about the value of your home. Sellers should insist their real estate agents present them with objective criteria for pricing. Comparative information is most critical in getting a house priced properly. If you ask for too much, it's hard to ask for less later on in the process.

You don't have to invest thousands of dollars into redecorating your home. But there some basic steps you must take to present your house in the most positive light. Be Objective: While you may think your pink walls or roman columns are fabulous, it is best to keep that opinion to yourself. It should feel warm and inviting. Grass should be freshly cut, plant some flowers, organize the home's interior, rid the home of unpleasant smells and apply new coats of paint to all walls and doors.

Have a thorough general inspection done in advance. Even though buyers will often have the house inspected again, it's best to prepare for any potential problems.
While it is tempting to hide or fail to mention the negatives of a home for example, located in an area that's prone to fires, it is best to give buyers full disclosure.
Sellers should get regular updates about the house and never assume that someone else has taken care of everything.

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