Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent

Thursday 07 Jun 2018

During the time consuming process of moving, relocating, and selling a home, leave the paperwork and headaches to a professional. Sales agents spend years learning to interpret and analyse the real estate market to make professional and informed decisions.

They can offer insight, information and strategies to their clients that would not have been otherwise available. Real estate agents are also experts on their local area and communities. They know the market value of the area, locations of schools, public transportation routes, upcoming development, and everything in between.

The marketing of your home is of the highest importance. Without a robust marketing plan, your home will not be seen by prospective buyers and as such, will take much longer to sell.
First National Browns Plains has access to the latest real estate marketing strategies to ensure that your home is seen by as many buyers and agents as possible.

Sales agents are also skilled at creating advertisements, holding open houses and creating flyers and information packs about your property. This will enable your home to be competitive and attractive to buyers.

Speak to one of our professional sales agents today to hear our competitive rates for selling your home.